Robert G. Breur

Robert G. Breur

Artist’s Biography

  Robert has a fascination with fine details and what they describe to him as like clues to the inner workings of his subjects and their motivations both physical and emotional in his art.  He portrays his people in completeness as the living masterpieces he believes them to be from birth to maturity.  He further describes in sculpture the intricate relationships they have had with their life experiences, their present surroundings and  people in their lives from brief encounters to family members and life partners.

Robert uses wet clay as a completely free form material shapable directly with his hands to capture all that he can of what his subjects express to him and then finalizes each piece with a texture in clay or a hand rubbed finish to wood gain.  He prefers to use a minimum of coatings to focus on  solid inner material rather than cover and conceal it.

His work is both intricate in detail and graceful in pose, each with a singular all inclusive message portrayed from head to foot.  Not only must his work be viewed from  all sides but often must be touched to be fully appreciated and he encourages his viewers to do so.

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