To my way of thinking, making a Caricature of someone is the carvers fine line between paying tribute to and personally insulting them.  Here you see the one I made of MYSELF years ago standing next to the block of wood from which I was about to make another for a gentleman I'd never even Met!  It was fine making lite of Myself but well... I guess life is a risk anyway Here goes!

  So I was given that Dan was turning 50 and he was a scientific minded fellow who had recently taken up Glass Blowing as a hobbie.  I was encouraged to make him in a Lab coat holding a beaker in one hand and and I was given photos of him working at his glass bowing.  He wears glasses sometimes and Earth tone sneakers and tee shirts etc

Oops. Watch out for that Hot glass Dan!

I sure hope Dan has a good sence of humor.

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