The typical 16th Century Carrack

Model Ship Restoration

This is the newly restored model ship at the Museum Village, located at 1010 Route 17M, Monroe, NY.  She is a typical three masted Carrack of the 16 Century like the two larger ships sailed by Columbus, the Nina and Santa Marie, the Mayflower and even much like Henric Hudson's Half Moon.  

As seen here in the picture I am just a clay image of the sailor but I will soon be woodcarved and painted in the typical costume of the times.  

The model  was nearly a complete wreck but is now restored and the beginning of a continuous work in progress for the Mid Hudson Woodcarvers Guild.  The woodcarvers will be carving crew and officers as well as passengers and cargo and ship's equipment  well into the future.

   Sooo if you would like to visit us or even take part in the carving project please feel free to come by Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings or phone Captain Bob at (845) 800-8513.

Welcome Aboard!

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   Ahoy there and welcome aboard the ship!