Mount Saint  Mary College

- Desmond Campus

6 Albany Post Road, Newburgh, NY 12550.    Phone 845-565-2076

               Sculpting from life !

Mount Saint Mary College     Desmond Campus

Sculpture: Clay Figure from Life

Discover the freedom to portray the human  figure and its inner emotions from the outer body language. Join sculptor Robert G. Breur for  five three-hour sessions creating a full  figure or any portition of the live model expressing what he or she is and feels at the time. Wet clay provided for a $10 additional charge on the  first day of class.

5 Sat., Beginning October 1st 9:30 am-12:30 pm     R.G. Breur Fee: $160

Robert Breur is a 20-year student of clay sculpting and woodcarving, specializing in the features of the human  figure as well as a few other animals. He typically sculpts in clay as a maquette and then copies that form to wood as his  final art form. His works have the outward expression of the pose and the internal message from his living subjects. His works are intended to be viewed from all directions and even touched to be fully appreciated. His skills have recently been applied not only to creating his own works, but also as augmentation to art therapy for returning veterans with PTSD, as his preferred form of volunteer work.

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