Wood carved figure in African Iroko wood cast up on a white sand beach of Sugar Pine.


In the day of wind driven sailing ships and the slave trade, voyaging the seas was a dangerous-often fatal-venture at best. The final voyage of a ship often ended in its timbers being dashed on a stormy reef in the night to the peril of all on board surely of those chained and locked in the ship’s hold.  Fortunate indeed might be the lone castaway who found herself washed up on a sandy beach in the following morning’s warm sun.

  R G Breur                 

     Figure carved in African Iroko wood - Stained wood dye and Lacquer

     Beach carved in American Sugar Pine - Bleached and Varnish Sanded    


This block of Iroko was purchased at Mystic Seaport from scraps remaining after the building of replica slave ship Amistad, launched March 2000.